Friday, December 25, 2009

Catching Up...

I know I have not been the best blogger... but ever since I moved out of my Dad's house I have not had the internet. Well on this Christmas day I have the internet now for good! Now to catch up on everything.....

We have had many ups and downs in the past 6 months, we have made new friends and lost old ones that we will never ever forget.

I love being married, its been 6 months since our big day and we are still going strong. I love having my wonderful husband there for me when I get home at night, its the greatest feeling in the world. Our little apartment is so cute, its not too big but its something that we have made our own. We are starting to think about when we actually get around to growing up and buying a house, its nerve wracking thats for sure. But I have found that is what makes the journey worth while. I will keep you posted about the house updates, but as of right now that is not an issue.

During our 6 month marriage, a lot has happened. Lots of good things that we will always remember, and some that we had a hard time facing. My cousin, Chris Humphrey died in September, he was an amazing person. It was hard this Christmas to be without him, being that this is the only time of year that we really got to catch up with each other. I was happy that the last time I saw him was not last Christmas, but at our wedding, and he was there with a smile on his face, like usual. I know Chris is in a great place now, that God had a seperate plan for him than we did here on earth. Someday I know we will all see each other again.

I turned 22 on October 16.. even though it was a good birthday I have to say that I was not a whole lot excited about it. There is nothing cool about turning 22... 21 is a different story, you get absolute freedom that day. The next birthday that is even remotly cool is 25.. and that is because I get to rent a car :-)

My cute sister, Britney, turned 18 on November 29. I cant believe that my little sister is all grown up and is going to graduate high school this year. It seems like yesterday she was just starting jr high and was the cute little shy girl that she used to be... ya those days are long gone.. but I love her just the way she is now. I wish her the best luck in life, I know she will do great.

I have had a few friends have kids the past few months, and I have to say... it scares the living bajezus our of me. I know someday I want kids, but right now is not the time. So I congratulate all of my girls who have started a family with their husbands, it will be a great journey for you... I know someday my time will come for that, hopefully later rather than sooner :-)

I am happy to say that both Joey and I have only 1 semester of school left. I cant believe Joey has been in school for almost 4 full years for his plumbing, I am so proud that he has come this far, and I cant wait until he becomes a Journeyman. He is so great at what he does, and I dont think he realizes how talented he really is.

Its true that Joey and I have had many Christmas's together, but this one was different. We got to be together ALL day, and not just a few hours this year. I hardly slept Christmas Eve becuase I was so excited, and we were up at 5:30 opening gifts Christmas morning. We had a pretty relaxed Christmas this year. Christmas Eve we hung out with some of my favorite people, my brother and sister and their kids. We saw the Princess Frog, which was very cute, and ended up that evening with my Mom's family at my Grandma's house with a yummy dinner. Christmas morning we went to my dad's house and spent the morning there, and later that afternoon we ended up at Joey's house with lots of yummy food and too many gifts. Its a busy day but always a nice enjoyable one.

Pictures will be coming soon :-)