Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day At Joes.....

My official last day of working at Joe Morley's was Friday December 26. I guess you could call it a late Christmas treat. I have been at Joe's a little under 5 years, February would have been the start of the 5th year. And I have to say that I was really sad! It was not a very busy Friday night, but that was okay. Bob got me a cake that said Good Luck Randi on it, it was delicious!

On Monday December 29, Joe Morley's had their Christmas party. The reason they always have theirs late is because they are working all month long cooking for everyone else's Christmas parties, so we're always really busy in December. But anyway.... Brent invited me back for the Christmas party. Little did I know it was going to be a duel party of a Christmas party and a Farewell party for me. It was great! We played games, Brent brought in his Rock Band, Brent made wonderful food! At the end Brent made me come up to the front with him and they all said their goodbyes. They gave me a little gift and told me to open it up in front of everyone..... I was so suprised! They had gotten me a pair of German shears, they are really nice! And they had Good Luck, Randi engraved on one of the shear blades, I almost cried.

It was really sad leaving Joe Morleys, but I know I'm onto bigget better things now. I will always go back and visit... Joey always needs his Morleys fix, oh and they said im always welcome back if i need some quick cash. I didn't realize how much of an impact they had on me, and I will always remember them as great people.

Oh! And I will also be really sad when Annie comes in and I don't get to see her.... because that's the only time I get to see her! But Annie.... I'm just a phone call and a park away.... call me next time and I will come take a little walk with you ;-)

P.S. Pictures are coming soon! I'm writing this blog at work.....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wedding Update

When Joey first asked me to marry him 5 months ago we thought..... ugh that is SO far away! Everyone kept telling us, "Don't you worry the time will fly you just wait and see." We didn't even believe anyone. But seriously people..... they were right! All of a sudden its only 5 months away! Gosh, Christmas came and past us like a flash and its almost the new year. Now Joey and I have got to start seriously thinking what we want our wedding to be. We have the place picked out and our date (June 16..... you better remember it!) and that's pretty much it!
After the new year, that is when everyone starts having bridal shows. I have 4 picked out so far right now, and I have little buddies for everyone to come with.... I know I'm getting way too into this..... really people its my wedding do you blame me??
But I'm getting so excited, Joey and I are starting to look for a place to live now. We want to be all settled in by the time we get married. That will be one less thing to worry about. I know its going to sneak up on me so fast, but let it because I'm ready to be a Johnson!
Don't worry.... I will keep you updated on everything! If you have any suggestions about anything please let me know, I'm open!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Eve is over, and I have to say it was a good one. I had to work at the salon today, which I was not too fond of the idea, but i got through it.

I got off work at about 4 and I went to my mom's after, she had made Brit and I yummy Christmas cupcakes. I went to Joe's after and I had dinner with Joey and his family. It hit the spot. Bonnie got all this sandwich stuff and we made huge sandwiches. Then, we all opened up our Christmas jammies.

When we were finished with the jammies Joey and I went to my dad's house. He just got a Wii so Joey brought over all his games and extra conrollers. It was fun, we ate pizza and played the Wii all night long. Joey let me open up my gifts early since we wont be seeing each other until late Christmas night. He got my Wii Fit! So after playing Mario Kart and Super Mario we decided to pull out the Wii Fit. It was so much fun, Brit and I were laughing at him. His Wii Fit age is 43........

Then sadly, Joey had to leave. Him and his parents, his brother and sister with her family all go to breakfast in the morning before they open their gifts. But the night was great, and I had so much fun with Joey and my family. I can't wait to see him tomorrow ;-)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So this year Joey and I were hoping to have our first Christmas together..... but that didn't really work out. He decided to ask me to marry him and then we decided to be a little responsible, or stupid, one of the two..... but anyway, we decided to spend one last Christmas at home. Its okay though because we have a plan and it will all work out!

Next year will be our year and I already can't wait to have our own home with our own little Christmas tree. I think I will go crazy with all of his Christmas gifts becuase I want underneath our little tree to be packed!

Oh well, this year will be great anyway, we will make the last Christmas at home a blowout!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Its Official.

Today I put in my notice for my last 2 weeks at Joe Morleys. I feel its time to move on with my life and further my career as a Cosmetologist. Joe Morleys has treated me so well the last 5 years. Its been a huge part of my life, pretty much the only job I have ever known. I actually got a little sad when I was telling Brent when my last day was.

Since I have been there so long, its sort of my comfort zone. I know the place and the job and I do it well, but I'm glad to be getting on with my life. I'm very excited to try my career full time and see what I can make of myself.

My dad always tells me that I can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it. I want to be successful and show him and everyone else who believe in me that I have that drive. Joe Morleys has taught me so much in the past years. I have gotten more confident, I learned what ethics really meant, and I built up my people skills which I think are great aspects everyone should have.

You watch! Im going to have the most popular Salon/Spa in Utah...... you just wait and see :-)

Joey says that he wants to be a stay at home mom...... without the kids. Go figure.....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let Me Tell You A Story...

So I was working at Joe Morley's on Thursday, like usual, and it just so happened to be a big night! It really was a series of unfortunate events. Annie came in with her husband, which is always a treat! Love you Annie :-) Anyway, this family came in for their son's big 21st birthday! They brought back this big cake and made me put 21 candles on it and take it out to their table, which I did chancing singeing off my face hairs. They were really nice people..... they had their cake and then left.
About 20 minutes later the mom from that birthday table calls and says, "Hi, we were just in there. We had a birthday party for my son and he left his birthday card on the table." So I replied, "Oh, well let me go look for it, I was your server. "Now, while I was looking, I remembered the son getting a birthday card, but when they left I didnt remember seeing it after the table had been bussed. Hence it was pretty busy so I didn't pay much attention. So I go back to the phone and tell her, "I didn't see the card on the table, I'm sorry." She says, "Well it better be there, there was $100 in it!" So I went back to the bussers and had to get Jake T. to help me becuase I dont speak Spanish. It was a hassle. So we start digging in the garbage........ disgusting. And we find the card envelope and the card..... but no money. During the whole process of digging one of the bussers sliced his finger open on a broken plate and had to get stitches. So I go back to the phone and tell the lady, "We have found the card but there was no money in it." She freaks and starts accusing all of us of being theifs. She says, "My son has Epilepsy and this is the first time he has been out for months becuase he sleeps all the time. And I was not watching what he was doing becuase I was worried about getting the cake home. I then told her that we had been digging through the garbage for her and she didn't even care!
By that time, I had talked to Joe Morley and asked him to deal with the whole situation becuase I was not dealing with her anymore. So Joe goes and talks to her and he comes out and says, "They are coming and they are bringing the cops." DRAMA!!!
So the Dad and one of the sons come, while the Mom is inside the car, and there is this whole ordeal where they were all yelling at each other and we are all just sitting there watching all the commotion. The Dad is accusing everyone of stealing his money and it was just a mess. Finally after a half hour of nothing, Joe Morley pulls out a $100 bill out of his wallet and just GIVES it to the guy! They go outside and after getting his money the man is STILL having a fit.
Finally they get in their car, but they just sit there. And about 5 minutes later the cop comes. Great.
So Joe, Bob, the man and his son are all talking to the cop. They each tell him their side of the story. The cop says to the man, "Let me get this straight. You left your money, which is your responsibility, here in Joe's resteraunt, and he GAVE you $100, and your still here causing porbloms? He didn't have to give you the money and your wasting everyone's time. I would get out of here if I were you." So the guy left, and Joe was out $100 dollars.
I can't believe some poeple! And I bet you that his son had just put the money somewhere is his "Elileptic state" and forgot where he put it. They are going to find the money and they are the kind of people that will not bring back the money that Joe Morley gave them. Its just ridiculous! Ugh, we were all so mad that night..... Really some people are RETARDED!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Chrstmas Tree

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Snowball Fight

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