Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day At Joes.....

My official last day of working at Joe Morley's was Friday December 26. I guess you could call it a late Christmas treat. I have been at Joe's a little under 5 years, February would have been the start of the 5th year. And I have to say that I was really sad! It was not a very busy Friday night, but that was okay. Bob got me a cake that said Good Luck Randi on it, it was delicious!

On Monday December 29, Joe Morley's had their Christmas party. The reason they always have theirs late is because they are working all month long cooking for everyone else's Christmas parties, so we're always really busy in December. But anyway.... Brent invited me back for the Christmas party. Little did I know it was going to be a duel party of a Christmas party and a Farewell party for me. It was great! We played games, Brent brought in his Rock Band, Brent made wonderful food! At the end Brent made me come up to the front with him and they all said their goodbyes. They gave me a little gift and told me to open it up in front of everyone..... I was so suprised! They had gotten me a pair of German shears, they are really nice! And they had Good Luck, Randi engraved on one of the shear blades, I almost cried.

It was really sad leaving Joe Morleys, but I know I'm onto bigget better things now. I will always go back and visit... Joey always needs his Morleys fix, oh and they said im always welcome back if i need some quick cash. I didn't realize how much of an impact they had on me, and I will always remember them as great people.

Oh! And I will also be really sad when Annie comes in and I don't get to see her.... because that's the only time I get to see her! But Annie.... I'm just a phone call and a park away.... call me next time and I will come take a little walk with you ;-)

P.S. Pictures are coming soon! I'm writing this blog at work.....