Friday, December 25, 2009

Catching Up...

I know I have not been the best blogger... but ever since I moved out of my Dad's house I have not had the internet. Well on this Christmas day I have the internet now for good! Now to catch up on everything.....

We have had many ups and downs in the past 6 months, we have made new friends and lost old ones that we will never ever forget.

I love being married, its been 6 months since our big day and we are still going strong. I love having my wonderful husband there for me when I get home at night, its the greatest feeling in the world. Our little apartment is so cute, its not too big but its something that we have made our own. We are starting to think about when we actually get around to growing up and buying a house, its nerve wracking thats for sure. But I have found that is what makes the journey worth while. I will keep you posted about the house updates, but as of right now that is not an issue.

During our 6 month marriage, a lot has happened. Lots of good things that we will always remember, and some that we had a hard time facing. My cousin, Chris Humphrey died in September, he was an amazing person. It was hard this Christmas to be without him, being that this is the only time of year that we really got to catch up with each other. I was happy that the last time I saw him was not last Christmas, but at our wedding, and he was there with a smile on his face, like usual. I know Chris is in a great place now, that God had a seperate plan for him than we did here on earth. Someday I know we will all see each other again.

I turned 22 on October 16.. even though it was a good birthday I have to say that I was not a whole lot excited about it. There is nothing cool about turning 22... 21 is a different story, you get absolute freedom that day. The next birthday that is even remotly cool is 25.. and that is because I get to rent a car :-)

My cute sister, Britney, turned 18 on November 29. I cant believe that my little sister is all grown up and is going to graduate high school this year. It seems like yesterday she was just starting jr high and was the cute little shy girl that she used to be... ya those days are long gone.. but I love her just the way she is now. I wish her the best luck in life, I know she will do great.

I have had a few friends have kids the past few months, and I have to say... it scares the living bajezus our of me. I know someday I want kids, but right now is not the time. So I congratulate all of my girls who have started a family with their husbands, it will be a great journey for you... I know someday my time will come for that, hopefully later rather than sooner :-)

I am happy to say that both Joey and I have only 1 semester of school left. I cant believe Joey has been in school for almost 4 full years for his plumbing, I am so proud that he has come this far, and I cant wait until he becomes a Journeyman. He is so great at what he does, and I dont think he realizes how talented he really is.

Its true that Joey and I have had many Christmas's together, but this one was different. We got to be together ALL day, and not just a few hours this year. I hardly slept Christmas Eve becuase I was so excited, and we were up at 5:30 opening gifts Christmas morning. We had a pretty relaxed Christmas this year. Christmas Eve we hung out with some of my favorite people, my brother and sister and their kids. We saw the Princess Frog, which was very cute, and ended up that evening with my Mom's family at my Grandma's house with a yummy dinner. Christmas morning we went to my dad's house and spent the morning there, and later that afternoon we ended up at Joey's house with lots of yummy food and too many gifts. Its a busy day but always a nice enjoyable one.

Pictures will be coming soon :-)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its Been A While..

I know I have been the WORST blogger ever.... but I promise to write a big long one soon to catch up. Its just been so busy since the wedding and actually having the internet would be a big help.. but everything is well. I will update soon!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Some of them are lopsided... but here are some pictures :-)

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1 Week Left

Its the week before the wedding and Joey and I are so ansy. Its been a great past couple weeks. Sunday the 7th my Mom, Grandma and Aunts threw me a bridal shower. I saw people I have not seen in years, it was great seeing everyone. It was so much fun, 30 people came and there were lots of gifts! It was nice chatting with everyone, and not to mention a Sunday off work!

Jennilyn did my bridals last Tuesday, BreAnne came with me and helped with everything. CJ, Jen's husband, came along with us and he had some great ideas! I will post more pictures later, I had to steal one from Jen's page.

I have had my dress sitting in our closet for the past few months and he has had no desire to look at it since I had my pictures taken. He is so curious as to what it looks like! I trust him not to look and about 20 people have threatened him, mostly Belinda, that they will all know if he has peeked or not at the wedding... so you all look at him at the wedding and that will tell you whether or not he has peeked!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

2 Week Countdown...

So today there are 12 days left until Joey and I get married! Everything is happening so fast, I just can't believe we have been engaged for 9 months. I remember when we were thinking about how long it was going to be until we were finaly married... and holy cow.

There have been little odd end jobs I have had to do, get bridesmaids gifts, finalize numbers for dinners, send out invites and last minute invites, stuff like that. Its actually bery challenging trying to get everything ready while working 2 jobs and entertaining Joey at the same time. Poor guy is always so bored. We have the opposite schedules.... my busiest days are friday saturday and sunday and those are the days where he has all the time off work. He keeps telling me that we need to buy a house so he can work on the yard. Miah and Belinda are working on their yard and he keeps talking about how he should just go over and join in. He says it would be better for everyone.... if you know Joey you can practically hear the words coming out of his mouth.

Anyway, I did my bridals on Tuesday, my wonderful friend Jennilyn took them and I'm so excited to see how they turn out. We had to kick Joey out of the house for a few hours, he really wanted to come... but its a surprise :-) They were so much fun, Jen brought her husband Cj and he had some great ideas! BreAnne came with to help, it was so much fun!

Yesterday BreAnne came into the salon and we colored her hair, she looks adorable. Afterwards we went to lunch. We rarely get time together and I enjoy every minute of it!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weddings, Pictures, Showers Oh My!

This past month has been CRAZY!! Seriously... I don't think we have had time to breath. Um, if you asked me if I was stressed about the wedding 3 months ago.... I was fine. Ask me now.... STRESSED!!! All the last minute details are starting to pile up and we still have another month until the wedding! Its a good stress though, don't get me wrong, I'm getting more anxious every day!

First off... Congratulations to Sinda and Dave Horrocks on their big day! May 15 Sinda Amanda Brown became Sinda Amanda Horrocks, it was a crazy day, lots of driving. It started at 6:30 p.m. May 14th at their dinner at the Asian Star. There were SO many people there! They both have huge families, it was a little intimidating I'm not going to lie. After the delicious dinner Kayle, Dave, Lindsi, Grant (freshly home from his mission), Roxy, Mason, Joe and I went to get Cold Stone. It was so good seeing everyone and hanging out together again, it had been way too long!

May 15th I arrived at Sinda's house at 8 a.m. sharp to get her all glammed up for her big day. She looked beatiful! We all got to the Temple at about 1:30, and while the lucky ones got to witness the Sealing, Lindsi, Roxy and I waited impatiently to see our newlywed friends. When they finally arrived out those doors they looiked so happy together! We took lots of pictures around the Temple. While Sinda and Dave finished up with their pics the rest of us ran home to put on our cute bridesmaids dresses. They were black with white polka dots and we each had our own colors, mine was yellow (I will get pics later).

The reception was so fun! It was helf at her gorgeous house and could not be more perfect. Pictures, dancing, sitting around waiting, laughs, and even some tears.... poor fry kid. At about 9:30 p.m. we all went around to the front to bid the cute couple goodbye. As I write this they are in Disney World in Florida.

The day was full of wonder and stress, but it turned out great! She looked beautiful and he was handsome, I kept telling Joe how excited the I kept getting watching Sinda in her dress, thinking about our wonderful day together where I get to wear mine.

We had our engagement pictures taken by my wonderful friend Jennilyn Proulx, she did such a great job!! They turned out great! They were different than others... normally its full of cheesiness and kisses.... ya, if you know Joe then you know that is not what our pictures look like! Just kidding, he did a good job even though in more than half of them he was pulling a macho face, or just looked down right special. It was a fun time though. We were both happy that we knew Jen so it was not uncomfortable at all. We all laughed pretty much the whole time.

I had my first Bridal Shower a couple of Saturdays ago. Bonnie and Jen (Joe's mom and sister) held it and it turned out great. We got lots of great stuff, and we had a good turn out. It was a very fun time, I could tell they put a lot of effort into it and I really enjoyed myself. I had a great time! There are more to come and I'm very excited for the rest.

We are not quite sure about the whole job situation with Joey right now, his company is running out of work... big suprise... but since we have been through this before we know how to prepare and if we just stick together we can be strong and get through everything.

Now Joey and I are just focusing on all the last minute things, wedding license, gifts for everyone who participates in the wedding, final number counts for everyone and everything. I'm just soaking everything in and taking it for what it is becuase this is supposed to the the best time of our lives!

We are still thinking about seeing the Packers play the Lions in Detroit, were starting to lean on the YES side, but its still iffy...... I'm just crossing my fingers!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We are having our engagement pictures done on Monday... I will totally post because they are going to be so dang cute!


I love love LOVE Saturdays! Ya, I have to work but thats okay, I get to make a little money and hang with all the girls I work with who I love. And I get all night with my Joey! Usually our typical Saturday consists of Joey, me and our butts on a couch. Last Saturday we had Ryan and Laren come over for dinner. I made yummy chicken enchiladas (thanks Belinda) and rice, but being me I burned the rice.... anyway we ate some dinner and made some brownies while Joey and Ryan INSISTED on played NCAA.... it was pretty fun, we ended the night with getting some slurpees and playing the wii. Ya, I already can't wait until next Saturday!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Its Britney Biotch!

Its been a busy past couple weeks... like usual! Easter came and passed amoung some other things......
  • Lizzy had her ballet, she was one of the Royal Trumpeters. Her ballets are so much fun, and I love watching her dance. I know she will grow up to be a beautiful ballerina and one day she will be the star of the show. Its always a fun trip going, we usually go to the pie before, and regret it after with stinky joey, but its always a fun time. Afterwards we hung out with Miah and Belinda, big suprise, and that always is a great time!
  • Easter was a relaxing day. Joey and I slept in and was so lazy all morning, it was great! We went to my grandma's house for lunch. It was nice seeing my family, I dont get to see them very often. Then, we went to Joey's parent's for dinner, it was so yummy. Afterwards, we went and hung out with Miah, Belinda and the kids. I loved just relaxing all day and having no rush.
  • On April 14 Britney Spears came in concert and I WAS THERE!! Oh my gosh it was SO much fun! I went with my friend Jessica, we went to dinner to Costa Vida, yummy, and then headed in to the concert, on the way we saw her bus... it was so cool! I saw my friend, Kyli, from high school there, that was great! The Pussycat Dolls opened up for Brit and they did so good! But of course Brit was amazing! I had so much fun, it was so nice to get out and do something, and I'm totally going again next time she comes!

  • Tonight Joey has his plumbing final, I have been helping him study the past couple nights. He is going to do great! After he passes his test he is going to be a 4th year apprentice plumber, I'm so proud of him. He has come so far, and I can't wait to finish this journey with him.
  • Speaking of journeys..... today marks the 2 month countdown..... 61 more days until our wedding! It was so cute, that was the first thing he said to me this morning. I love him so much and I cant wait to call him mine forever!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Love Her

I just have to say that I love my cute little sister.... and my dog Bambi. Since I moved out I dont see them very much. She is so cute, I would not have her any other way. Just thought I would share with everyone :-)

Easter With the Kids

Last night Joey and I had Belinda and the cute kids come over to die easter eggs... and what a time that was! Our apartment is on the bottom level, and you can jump out of our "pattio" area into the parking lot. When I got home the kids were so ecstatic they jumped outside from the back door and ran to my car. They were so cute, they reminded me of little puppies, how excited they always are when you get home, I love those kids.

Even though Joey and I dont have kids, he proved last night that. He was worried about the kids spilling and making a mess.... they are not 5 anymore joey... and he was so funny with his "dad voice". It was pretty funny, and he was hurrying up everything, putting eggs in all the different colors. It was still fun, even though we had 2 dad's last night :-) We love our Joey though, and we cant wait for the kids to come over again!

Speaking of the kids, we were looking at old pictures of when they were little and so adorable! When Joey and I met Sam was 6 and liz was 5. You don't realize how fast they really grow up. They dont seem to me like they have gotten older, but looking back at those pictures really makes you go woah, time has really flown. But no matter how old they get, they will still be our little buddies. We love them so much!

What A Month!

Sorry I have not been the best blogger lately... its been such a busy crazy month! Lets see if I can fit everything in.......
We finally got moved in to our new cute little apartment! We lived out of boxes and used a blow up mattress as our couch for a while,
but we have come a long way! We now have beautiful new couches! Once we got that together I was much happier. But I got a suprise last night... when I came home and walked into our what I thought was a shamble of a bedroom, we actually had a structured room! Miah and Belinda gave us a bed set with an amour (the thing that hold a tv) with a cute little bedstand table. It all looks so cute.... I was so happy when I saw it.

At first I was a little nervous about everything, bills, food, all that stuff. But I love going grocery shopping every week, and its really not that hard keeping up on everything, and I love living with Joey, we see each other SO much more, and we save more on gas :-) I love cooking dinner and making yummy brownies and watching movies with him in our own place, sitting on our own couch. Cheesy I know... but I still love it.

OH! There are no pets allowed at our apartment, but I got some fish instead.. and they have lived for the whole month! Usually I can't keep fish alive for more than 2 weeks... they are so cute! But of course... Joey does not like them, he is such a hoser...

I'm doing really well at the salon, I love it! Its getting so busy, lots of pedicures for spring! I love everyone who I work with and what I do. I see BreAnne ALOT more, she comes almost every 2 weeks to get her nails done. It is the most I have seen her in months. We pretty much always go out to lunch after too, its just a good time. Serenity is the perfect place to start the success of my long career!

We got Joey's wedding ring ordered, it came in last night and Joey begged me to pick it up, and I was excited to go get it. Its beautiful! Its Tungsten with black carbon fiber weaved in the middle. I cant wait for him to wear it.

We got our wedding all planned, it was so much fun! I think this wedding is going to be so great! Oh, and Joey had the satisfaction of getting his ice cream bar... thats what were having at the wedding, he thinks he "won", I just let him think so :-) So.... if I have not gotten your address yet, please give it to me so you can get an invite.

We had the Sam and Elisabeth sleep over one Saturday night, which was a blast! We went to dinner, ate rootbeer floats, played the wii and laughed together all night long. They were so much fun, but so much work! I love those kids so much, and I hope we have many more sleepovers in the future!

It has become pretty much a normal thing that Britney, my sister, comes over for dinner every Monday night and we watch Greek together. We are both so busy its the only night that we both off that we can spend together, and Joey loves having her over too. Its a little thing that I enjoy very much.

Every girl already knows this, but the new Forever 21 opened... and its amazing! Me, Joe, Ryan and LaRen all stood in line one Saturday morning at like 630 and waited for the store to open. The first 300 people got gift certificates to the store and we were determined to get one! It was freezing, but fun. After we froze and got our gift certificate, we went back to Ryan and LaRen's place and we made a ton of food for breakfast, and us being the little piggies that we are... ate all of it, it was fun though.

So remember how I competed in Skills U.S.A. last year... and took first in Nationals? Of course you remember! Well I had the pleasure to be a judge for State this year! It was so much fun being on the other side, remembering how much fun I had competing and succedding, moving on to each new lever. I was talking to Brynn.. who won in Esthetics last year who judged with me, and it was so nice to be at skills and not have all the stress and anxiety. We were both asked to come back next year and judge, and I happily accepted.

For April Fools Day, Jerled and Cassie played the meanest cruelest joke ever! They had us going for 3 days that they were pregnant! Oh, I was so upset.... I could not even believe it, it was so mean!! He had me, Joey, Miah, and Belinda going... and Joey even called RJ!
So much has happened the past month, thinking back now I realize how much has actually happened. We dont have the internet at our apartment so my blogs will probably be further apart but with so much more in each one! I dont have many pictures this time, but next time I will have lots!

Friday, February 27, 2009


My best friend in the whole entire world, BreAnne, came and got her nails done earlier this week. We went to lunch after and caught up. We don't get to see eash other as much as we like but we try our best.

BreAnne to me is like RJ to Joey, were sisters pretty much. And now that we have moved we live like 15 minutes away from each other and not 30! Its so exciting, she is coming over Saturday night to help us unpack and I can't wait! I just love her so much...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jazz Fever

Saturday night Joey and I went with my Dad and Tonya to the Jazz game. The Jazz played the New Orleans Hornets, the final score was: Jazz 102 Hornets: 88. We won they were an easy team, but a great game! My dad had gotten some suite tickets so we thought why not? I was such a great time! They had all you can eat sandwiches and drinks.... Joey and Dad loved the free beer! At half time they had ice cream sundays... with yummy sprinkles, my favorite! It was fun to spend time with Joey and my dad, it has been a long time since we have done something like that. My dad got friendly with the people that we shared the suite with, not a suprise, so Joey and I had a great time together and we can't wait until we go again!
All of us together after the Jazz beat the Hornets
Just my Dad and I.... I told you he took advantage of the free beer :-)
He can't take a serious picture for the life of him.... Im scared for the wedding......
I love Okur so much :-) He is my man! My Dad told Joe that he had some competition
Right when the game started...... it was a great seat!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So Adorable

I had to post these she is so dang cute. This is Aubrey or Bree. She is RJ and Ashley's little girl. Ashley sent these pictures this morning, Bonnie (Joe's mom) and I sent her a few outfits and this one is one that we sent. Cute!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Hear Wedding Bells...

Its official! I got my dress last night, I love it! My dad, Brit and I all went to get it and it was so much fun. We got it at David's Bridal from Sinda. My dad is so cute, he got all teary eyed and said I looked beautiful in it. And of course he had to take pictures....

I would put a picture up but I know Joey would see it so everyone will have to wait!

Oh and just if anyone didn't know..... 10 more days until we can move into our apartment! yay!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

End of a Good Week

This Valentines weekend was a good one. It was very relaxing..... so relaxing that I realized why I work so much.... because I get so bored!! But still it was great doing whatever we wanted whenever we wanted.
We ended the weekend on a fun note, we did what we do best: hung at Ryan and LaRen's house. We baked cupcakes that I got for what we thought we would do in St. George, but this was just as fun. We waited until Ryan got off work at 8 so we got off to a late start, but it didn't matter because it was still fun. Joey and Ryan were nerds.... as usual. We watched a little t.v. and did a lot of cupcake decorating, a good way to end a Valentines Day Weekend.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wendover Baby!

So our plans for this wonderful Valentine's Day weekend were to go to St. George, they didn't go through, which is okay, so we made another plan sort of last minute...... we went to Wendover! We went with our friends Ryan and LaRen and we had a blast!

It all started with some $5 Footlongs, and then off for a decent car ride. We passed Saltaire and the infamous tree. We chatted along the whole time like we normally do with those two. We arrive at our hotel.........
We stayed at the Red Garter! It was not bad but it was super ghetto and we had a great time staying in it... but we never admitted staying there at the time.
There were lots of laughs......
"Suck it up! Suck it up!"
Saying we were going to go picture crazy.... ended with with like 5.
Learned how to play Craps.... and we all love it! Some nickle slots.........
Ryan started out with a tub of quarter.... it lasted for a while.
Wanting to eat a huge Sundae, forgetting about it later and going to the gas station becuase we were all starving. Ending at Mickey Dees for a little breakfast..... LaRen loves breakfast food! Driving home in the snow storm thinking we were all going to die! But don't worry we all made it safe.
It was such a fun trip! We all want to go back and dominate the Craps tables..... you just watch we are all going to come back filthy rich!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Exciting News!

So Joey and I just found out today they we got the apartment that we wanted! We finally have somewhere to live.... and I can't wait to move in! our move in date is March 1st, and you bet your sweet butt there will be lots of pictures. Oh my gosh I'm SO excited!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Never A Dull Moment...

Our lives can be pretty hectic sometimes, but we always find time for our friends and family. Its really true when people say, 'Friends will come and go, but family is forever.' Joe and I have great friends, but we will never forget those moments with our family.

These are the times that we have enjoyed the most with our family over the past year.

Family fun on the boat, that is always a great time no matter where we go.
I just had to put this one in...... he is such a goober. Belinda and I keep saying that him and Joey are like twins 10 years apart. They are practically the same person! LITERALLY!!
I love my Duncle Ugg.... and his sweet girlfriend Sara.
Find what is wrong in this picture.... and its not the beer. I had to put this one in..... ha thanks Belinda.
There was a photo both at the wedding show at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, we decided that it was a no go for the reception becuase Joey and RJ would not get out of it. Its true.
I just had to put this one in. Doug just posted it on his page, its one of the best pictures of my late Aunt Wendy. We love her and miss her every day.
Brit and Dad high fiving while both knee boarding. Later Dad tried to get tricky and do a 360 and biffed it. Then Joey had to comment like not alot of people were born pros like himself. Cocky.....
Typical Sam and Elisabeth..... with their goofy uncle.
Green Bay baby! One of my favs.....

Dont get me wrong..... our friends play a big part in our life as well.... just to let everyone know were going to Wendover this weekend! With our good friend's Ryan and LaRen, be jealous! There will be pictures........