Monday, February 9, 2009

Never A Dull Moment...

Our lives can be pretty hectic sometimes, but we always find time for our friends and family. Its really true when people say, 'Friends will come and go, but family is forever.' Joe and I have great friends, but we will never forget those moments with our family.

These are the times that we have enjoyed the most with our family over the past year.

Family fun on the boat, that is always a great time no matter where we go.
I just had to put this one in...... he is such a goober. Belinda and I keep saying that him and Joey are like twins 10 years apart. They are practically the same person! LITERALLY!!
I love my Duncle Ugg.... and his sweet girlfriend Sara.
Find what is wrong in this picture.... and its not the beer. I had to put this one in..... ha thanks Belinda.
There was a photo both at the wedding show at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, we decided that it was a no go for the reception becuase Joey and RJ would not get out of it. Its true.
I just had to put this one in. Doug just posted it on his page, its one of the best pictures of my late Aunt Wendy. We love her and miss her every day.
Brit and Dad high fiving while both knee boarding. Later Dad tried to get tricky and do a 360 and biffed it. Then Joey had to comment like not alot of people were born pros like himself. Cocky.....
Typical Sam and Elisabeth..... with their goofy uncle.
Green Bay baby! One of my favs.....

Dont get me wrong..... our friends play a big part in our life as well.... just to let everyone know were going to Wendover this weekend! With our good friend's Ryan and LaRen, be jealous! There will be pictures........