Friday, February 27, 2009


My best friend in the whole entire world, BreAnne, came and got her nails done earlier this week. We went to lunch after and caught up. We don't get to see eash other as much as we like but we try our best.

BreAnne to me is like RJ to Joey, were sisters pretty much. And now that we have moved we live like 15 minutes away from each other and not 30! Its so exciting, she is coming over Saturday night to help us unpack and I can't wait! I just love her so much...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jazz Fever

Saturday night Joey and I went with my Dad and Tonya to the Jazz game. The Jazz played the New Orleans Hornets, the final score was: Jazz 102 Hornets: 88. We won they were an easy team, but a great game! My dad had gotten some suite tickets so we thought why not? I was such a great time! They had all you can eat sandwiches and drinks.... Joey and Dad loved the free beer! At half time they had ice cream sundays... with yummy sprinkles, my favorite! It was fun to spend time with Joey and my dad, it has been a long time since we have done something like that. My dad got friendly with the people that we shared the suite with, not a suprise, so Joey and I had a great time together and we can't wait until we go again!
All of us together after the Jazz beat the Hornets
Just my Dad and I.... I told you he took advantage of the free beer :-)
He can't take a serious picture for the life of him.... Im scared for the wedding......
I love Okur so much :-) He is my man! My Dad told Joe that he had some competition
Right when the game started...... it was a great seat!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So Adorable

I had to post these she is so dang cute. This is Aubrey or Bree. She is RJ and Ashley's little girl. Ashley sent these pictures this morning, Bonnie (Joe's mom) and I sent her a few outfits and this one is one that we sent. Cute!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Hear Wedding Bells...

Its official! I got my dress last night, I love it! My dad, Brit and I all went to get it and it was so much fun. We got it at David's Bridal from Sinda. My dad is so cute, he got all teary eyed and said I looked beautiful in it. And of course he had to take pictures....

I would put a picture up but I know Joey would see it so everyone will have to wait!

Oh and just if anyone didn't know..... 10 more days until we can move into our apartment! yay!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

End of a Good Week

This Valentines weekend was a good one. It was very relaxing..... so relaxing that I realized why I work so much.... because I get so bored!! But still it was great doing whatever we wanted whenever we wanted.
We ended the weekend on a fun note, we did what we do best: hung at Ryan and LaRen's house. We baked cupcakes that I got for what we thought we would do in St. George, but this was just as fun. We waited until Ryan got off work at 8 so we got off to a late start, but it didn't matter because it was still fun. Joey and Ryan were nerds.... as usual. We watched a little t.v. and did a lot of cupcake decorating, a good way to end a Valentines Day Weekend.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wendover Baby!

So our plans for this wonderful Valentine's Day weekend were to go to St. George, they didn't go through, which is okay, so we made another plan sort of last minute...... we went to Wendover! We went with our friends Ryan and LaRen and we had a blast!

It all started with some $5 Footlongs, and then off for a decent car ride. We passed Saltaire and the infamous tree. We chatted along the whole time like we normally do with those two. We arrive at our hotel.........
We stayed at the Red Garter! It was not bad but it was super ghetto and we had a great time staying in it... but we never admitted staying there at the time.
There were lots of laughs......
"Suck it up! Suck it up!"
Saying we were going to go picture crazy.... ended with with like 5.
Learned how to play Craps.... and we all love it! Some nickle slots.........
Ryan started out with a tub of quarter.... it lasted for a while.
Wanting to eat a huge Sundae, forgetting about it later and going to the gas station becuase we were all starving. Ending at Mickey Dees for a little breakfast..... LaRen loves breakfast food! Driving home in the snow storm thinking we were all going to die! But don't worry we all made it safe.
It was such a fun trip! We all want to go back and dominate the Craps tables..... you just watch we are all going to come back filthy rich!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Exciting News!

So Joey and I just found out today they we got the apartment that we wanted! We finally have somewhere to live.... and I can't wait to move in! our move in date is March 1st, and you bet your sweet butt there will be lots of pictures. Oh my gosh I'm SO excited!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Never A Dull Moment...

Our lives can be pretty hectic sometimes, but we always find time for our friends and family. Its really true when people say, 'Friends will come and go, but family is forever.' Joe and I have great friends, but we will never forget those moments with our family.

These are the times that we have enjoyed the most with our family over the past year.

Family fun on the boat, that is always a great time no matter where we go.
I just had to put this one in...... he is such a goober. Belinda and I keep saying that him and Joey are like twins 10 years apart. They are practically the same person! LITERALLY!!
I love my Duncle Ugg.... and his sweet girlfriend Sara.
Find what is wrong in this picture.... and its not the beer. I had to put this one in..... ha thanks Belinda.
There was a photo both at the wedding show at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, we decided that it was a no go for the reception becuase Joey and RJ would not get out of it. Its true.
I just had to put this one in. Doug just posted it on his page, its one of the best pictures of my late Aunt Wendy. We love her and miss her every day.
Brit and Dad high fiving while both knee boarding. Later Dad tried to get tricky and do a 360 and biffed it. Then Joey had to comment like not alot of people were born pros like himself. Cocky.....
Typical Sam and Elisabeth..... with their goofy uncle.
Green Bay baby! One of my favs.....

Dont get me wrong..... our friends play a big part in our life as well.... just to let everyone know were going to Wendover this weekend! With our good friend's Ryan and LaRen, be jealous! There will be pictures........

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gotta Love Him

Jen put this picture up on her blog.... I remember when that picture was taken. We were up at the cabin..... it was a great little vacation that we took with the family. He is such a dork, but I'm so in love with him its scary. Love you Joey :-)

Valentine's Day

So for Valentines Day our friends Ryan and LaRen invited us to go with them to St. George! LaRen's boss has a condo down there and she was nice enough to all let us go for the weekend! We are so excited and Valentine's weekend can't come fast enough..... it's going to be such a great weekend! We will take lots of pictures and let everyone know how everything goes. Thanks again guys.....