Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Wanna Be A Cowboy Baby.....

In just 6 days our little baby Hayden will be 2 months old!! I can't believe how fast the time has gone, he has transformed dramatically! He has the little thunder thighs and the chubby belly and the little double chin. He is so so so cute!! Erin and Jordan had some pictures taken of him... these are just some teasers that their photographer gave them a little early...

I love being able to see the resemblance of Brit in Hayden, sometimes when he pulls certain faces it makes me think of times when Brit was a little baby. It also makes me wonder what our babies will look like (good thing Joey never looks at this.. :p)

I can't even say enough how lucky we are to have Erin and Jordan in our lives, we just love them so much. They are such wonderful people, and I know they will give Hayden everything he deserves plus so much more.

We love you Hayden =)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Happens In Vegas... Stays in Vegas

This past weekend, Joey saw Vegas for the first time EVER!! When we were driving into town and I pointed out the strip (this was in the daytime) to him, his first words were, "Thats it??" Geez!! I told him to just wait, he would love it when it was all lit up at night.... ya he later changed his mind.
The whole reason we went to Vegas was because RJ and Joey just couldn't go any longer without seeing each other anymore, gag, just kidding :-) It was great seeing both RJ and Ashley again, we had such a blast. We fit a TON into just one weekend.

When we got there Thursday night, the first thing we did was hit the strip. Joey was so amazed by how big everything was... none of our little 10 story buildings compare to the huge hotels in vegas. Of course Joey and RJ had to get a drink....

Of course they had to get a guitar drink... they got so much attention for it. They eventually got random people to sign their guitars. On one of the bridges they found a guy just playing his guitar, and HAD to get a picture with their guitars too.
Friday we went out and walked the strip, went in to all the little stores, looked at all the hotels, and did a little shopping. We went to the Hard Rock Hotel that is off the strip, not far, and saw the Hart and Huntington Tattoo Shop. It was pretty cool, a little smaller than I imagined, but still cool to see all those artists. There were actually a lot of tattoo shops in the hotels, it was really fun being to see all the different art work.

There is a place called Dick's at the Excalibur where we stayed and it ended up being our hangout every night. All the waiters and bartenders are really mean to you and they like to joke around. They would make big dunce hats and write mean stuff on them. It was all in good fun though.

Saturday we had a lazy morning, Joey and I checked out more of the strip, and we met up with Rj and Ashley at a place right outside the Monte Carlo called Diablos... ugh I wish we had one here in Utah. Delish!! After lunch we hit the pool for a while, it was not as big as some of the other pools, but still fun.

Saturday night, we went to House of Blue's in the Mandalay. We have been to the one in Chicago, and I thought the Chicago one was a little better, but this one was great too! We went to the old strip after dinner. When we got there we all went to the bathroom. When Ashley and I came out, the guys were lauging histerically.... They said this guy had come in drunker than drunk. He was from England. He was talking to Joe and RJ and said, "These damn American beers! You drink 6 bottles and pee out 8!" We didn't see him, but of course they had to get a picture with him...

Joey liked the old strip, but he said he liked the new strip better. I loved the lights above the hotels, its my favorite part.

We ended up at Dicks again, where we danced all night. Joey NEVER goes out dancing with me, so I had a great time with him just letting go and dancing with me. We made lots of friends, and saw some weird people... but a good time anyway.

It was about 4 in the morning when we went back to our room... where security was walking into our room. Weird... we went in and they said that a pipe had burst 2 floors above us so we had to pack up our stuff and they were going to move us to another room. We went all the way up to the top floor... it was so dark when we walked in to our room and when we turned on the lights our jaws dropped... think of the pent house form The Hangover... it was 3 times the size of our apartment!! We were sad we only had that room one night, but it was still fun to live the life of a high rolla!

The next morning we just decided to get on the road and head home. We said our teary eyed goodbyes and headed home. We miss Rj and Ashley, we just wish they lived closer. It was a great first trip to Vegas together, I love seeing Joe's face when he goes somewhere new. I can't wait until next time!!