Monday, March 22, 2010

A Taste Of Spring

Spring is FINALLY here!! I know the weather is going to tease us a little more until Spring decides to stay, but this weekend was so great! It was so nice being out in the warm weather, it just brought up both mine and Joey's mood.
My Dad sent me a message early Sunday afternoon saying he thought it was a good day for a bbq at his house with the family over. I was so excited, good food with good company in the sun sounded like a great idea. We had typical bbq food, burgers, hot dogs and potato salad with some chips... tasty!!

Joey's family gets together a few times a month at his mom's house and she makes dinner for the family. Its nice having a good home cooked meal, but my family likes to do things a little different. We enjoy going out to eat together, be loud and have a good time. We used to go out about every other week, but lately we all have been so busy with our own lives that we have not all been together for a while, so it was nice to stop and joke around with everyone.

I could not think of any other people who I would want, they are crazy fun, you never know what to expect from any of them. Its such a treat being together.

My dad LOOOOVES to tell stories, and each time he tells a story it gets more extravagant. Its great, I love it! So besides Dad telling stories about funny things that have been happening in his shops, the big talk at dinner was the Salt Lake City Marathon that Joey, and my uncle Doug and his girlfriend, Sara are running. Its a half marathon and I am so excited for them! Its going to be April 17 downtown, it will be a great accomplishment for all three of them. I kidded myself for like a month thinking I was going to do it too, but no... that wont happen. I feel like Rocky when I run a solid MILE without stopping. So good luck to Joe, Doug and Sara, its going to be a great day!!