Monday, January 17, 2011

First One Of 2011

I have been such a bad blogger lately!! I can't believe how bad I have slacked...
First of all, I can't believe its 2011!
2010 was quite the year, we had so many ups and downs. The best thing my family got out of 2010 was something we had never expected would happen... we got our little Hayden baby. Born March 25, 2010. Even though he is not in our family anymore we love getting pictures and seeing how he is growing. We have welcomed two wonderful people into our lives/family, Erin and Jordan, and we could not be happier that Britney chose them to be Hayden's parents. :-)
Another great thing about 2010.. Joe became an official Journeyman Plumber. After 4 long years he finally did it and I could not be more proud of my husband. He worked long and hard for it and he could not be happier.
Sadly we still don't have a house like I thought we would, we have had a few setbacks, but we got through it! I know our perfect home will fall into our hands when the time is right.
I am expecting a lot more out of 2011 and I am SURE I will make it happen!
I have grown since the past year, my hopes and dreams are different than last new year.
As for the "family" talk, I want much more than just a dog. I do want a family with Joe, but I know I am just not ready for that right now. Who knows what will happen with that in the future, but right now its at the bottom of my list.
This year I want to work on my carreer. I want to get my professional name out there and I want to be the best that I can be. I want to start a business of my very own and have it be one of the best.
Lately I have been a little lost... sometimes I just want to sell all of our stuff and move somewhere far from here. Start over completely. I feel sometimes like I have gotten in a rut in life... and I just want to be daring and move somewhere crazy.. Joey keeps telling me that I'm crazy and as soon as we got where we were going I would want to come right home becuase I would miss my family and friends, but who knows what would happen if we actually did it.
I have no idea what 2011 will bring but I am excited to see how our year plays out!