Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wendover Baby!

So our plans for this wonderful Valentine's Day weekend were to go to St. George, they didn't go through, which is okay, so we made another plan sort of last minute...... we went to Wendover! We went with our friends Ryan and LaRen and we had a blast!

It all started with some $5 Footlongs, and then off for a decent car ride. We passed Saltaire and the infamous tree. We chatted along the whole time like we normally do with those two. We arrive at our hotel.........
We stayed at the Red Garter! It was not bad but it was super ghetto and we had a great time staying in it... but we never admitted staying there at the time.
There were lots of laughs......
"Suck it up! Suck it up!"
Saying we were going to go picture crazy.... ended with with like 5.
Learned how to play Craps.... and we all love it! Some nickle slots.........
Ryan started out with a tub of quarter.... it lasted for a while.
Wanting to eat a huge Sundae, forgetting about it later and going to the gas station becuase we were all starving. Ending at Mickey Dees for a little breakfast..... LaRen loves breakfast food! Driving home in the snow storm thinking we were all going to die! But don't worry we all made it safe.
It was such a fun trip! We all want to go back and dominate the Craps tables..... you just watch we are all going to come back filthy rich!


L+R=Johnson said...

you are too good! I need to post pictures too!!!! Awe i love our trip!