Thursday, June 4, 2009

2 Week Countdown...

So today there are 12 days left until Joey and I get married! Everything is happening so fast, I just can't believe we have been engaged for 9 months. I remember when we were thinking about how long it was going to be until we were finaly married... and holy cow.

There have been little odd end jobs I have had to do, get bridesmaids gifts, finalize numbers for dinners, send out invites and last minute invites, stuff like that. Its actually bery challenging trying to get everything ready while working 2 jobs and entertaining Joey at the same time. Poor guy is always so bored. We have the opposite schedules.... my busiest days are friday saturday and sunday and those are the days where he has all the time off work. He keeps telling me that we need to buy a house so he can work on the yard. Miah and Belinda are working on their yard and he keeps talking about how he should just go over and join in. He says it would be better for everyone.... if you know Joey you can practically hear the words coming out of his mouth.

Anyway, I did my bridals on Tuesday, my wonderful friend Jennilyn took them and I'm so excited to see how they turn out. We had to kick Joey out of the house for a few hours, he really wanted to come... but its a surprise :-) They were so much fun, Jen brought her husband Cj and he had some great ideas! BreAnne came with to help, it was so much fun!

Yesterday BreAnne came into the salon and we colored her hair, she looks adorable. Afterwards we went to lunch. We rarely get time together and I enjoy every minute of it!


Johnny and Bethanie said...

yay! im excited to see your bridal pics!!! and i hope i was one of those last minute invitation people!!!! :)