Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weddings, Pictures, Showers Oh My!

This past month has been CRAZY!! Seriously... I don't think we have had time to breath. Um, if you asked me if I was stressed about the wedding 3 months ago.... I was fine. Ask me now.... STRESSED!!! All the last minute details are starting to pile up and we still have another month until the wedding! Its a good stress though, don't get me wrong, I'm getting more anxious every day!

First off... Congratulations to Sinda and Dave Horrocks on their big day! May 15 Sinda Amanda Brown became Sinda Amanda Horrocks, it was a crazy day, lots of driving. It started at 6:30 p.m. May 14th at their dinner at the Asian Star. There were SO many people there! They both have huge families, it was a little intimidating I'm not going to lie. After the delicious dinner Kayle, Dave, Lindsi, Grant (freshly home from his mission), Roxy, Mason, Joe and I went to get Cold Stone. It was so good seeing everyone and hanging out together again, it had been way too long!

May 15th I arrived at Sinda's house at 8 a.m. sharp to get her all glammed up for her big day. She looked beatiful! We all got to the Temple at about 1:30, and while the lucky ones got to witness the Sealing, Lindsi, Roxy and I waited impatiently to see our newlywed friends. When they finally arrived out those doors they looiked so happy together! We took lots of pictures around the Temple. While Sinda and Dave finished up with their pics the rest of us ran home to put on our cute bridesmaids dresses. They were black with white polka dots and we each had our own colors, mine was yellow (I will get pics later).

The reception was so fun! It was helf at her gorgeous house and could not be more perfect. Pictures, dancing, sitting around waiting, laughs, and even some tears.... poor fry kid. At about 9:30 p.m. we all went around to the front to bid the cute couple goodbye. As I write this they are in Disney World in Florida.

The day was full of wonder and stress, but it turned out great! She looked beautiful and he was handsome, I kept telling Joe how excited the I kept getting watching Sinda in her dress, thinking about our wonderful day together where I get to wear mine.

We had our engagement pictures taken by my wonderful friend Jennilyn Proulx, she did such a great job!! They turned out great! They were different than others... normally its full of cheesiness and kisses.... ya, if you know Joe then you know that is not what our pictures look like! Just kidding, he did a good job even though in more than half of them he was pulling a macho face, or just looked down right special. It was a fun time though. We were both happy that we knew Jen so it was not uncomfortable at all. We all laughed pretty much the whole time.

I had my first Bridal Shower a couple of Saturdays ago. Bonnie and Jen (Joe's mom and sister) held it and it turned out great. We got lots of great stuff, and we had a good turn out. It was a very fun time, I could tell they put a lot of effort into it and I really enjoyed myself. I had a great time! There are more to come and I'm very excited for the rest.

We are not quite sure about the whole job situation with Joey right now, his company is running out of work... big suprise... but since we have been through this before we know how to prepare and if we just stick together we can be strong and get through everything.

Now Joey and I are just focusing on all the last minute things, wedding license, gifts for everyone who participates in the wedding, final number counts for everyone and everything. I'm just soaking everything in and taking it for what it is becuase this is supposed to the the best time of our lives!

We are still thinking about seeing the Packers play the Lions in Detroit, were starting to lean on the YES side, but its still iffy...... I'm just crossing my fingers!


Jennilyn and CJ Proulx said...

Those are some sexy pictures! Woot Woot!