Thursday, April 2, 2009

What A Month!

Sorry I have not been the best blogger lately... its been such a busy crazy month! Lets see if I can fit everything in.......
We finally got moved in to our new cute little apartment! We lived out of boxes and used a blow up mattress as our couch for a while,
but we have come a long way! We now have beautiful new couches! Once we got that together I was much happier. But I got a suprise last night... when I came home and walked into our what I thought was a shamble of a bedroom, we actually had a structured room! Miah and Belinda gave us a bed set with an amour (the thing that hold a tv) with a cute little bedstand table. It all looks so cute.... I was so happy when I saw it.

At first I was a little nervous about everything, bills, food, all that stuff. But I love going grocery shopping every week, and its really not that hard keeping up on everything, and I love living with Joey, we see each other SO much more, and we save more on gas :-) I love cooking dinner and making yummy brownies and watching movies with him in our own place, sitting on our own couch. Cheesy I know... but I still love it.

OH! There are no pets allowed at our apartment, but I got some fish instead.. and they have lived for the whole month! Usually I can't keep fish alive for more than 2 weeks... they are so cute! But of course... Joey does not like them, he is such a hoser...

I'm doing really well at the salon, I love it! Its getting so busy, lots of pedicures for spring! I love everyone who I work with and what I do. I see BreAnne ALOT more, she comes almost every 2 weeks to get her nails done. It is the most I have seen her in months. We pretty much always go out to lunch after too, its just a good time. Serenity is the perfect place to start the success of my long career!

We got Joey's wedding ring ordered, it came in last night and Joey begged me to pick it up, and I was excited to go get it. Its beautiful! Its Tungsten with black carbon fiber weaved in the middle. I cant wait for him to wear it.

We got our wedding all planned, it was so much fun! I think this wedding is going to be so great! Oh, and Joey had the satisfaction of getting his ice cream bar... thats what were having at the wedding, he thinks he "won", I just let him think so :-) So.... if I have not gotten your address yet, please give it to me so you can get an invite.

We had the Sam and Elisabeth sleep over one Saturday night, which was a blast! We went to dinner, ate rootbeer floats, played the wii and laughed together all night long. They were so much fun, but so much work! I love those kids so much, and I hope we have many more sleepovers in the future!

It has become pretty much a normal thing that Britney, my sister, comes over for dinner every Monday night and we watch Greek together. We are both so busy its the only night that we both off that we can spend together, and Joey loves having her over too. Its a little thing that I enjoy very much.

Every girl already knows this, but the new Forever 21 opened... and its amazing! Me, Joe, Ryan and LaRen all stood in line one Saturday morning at like 630 and waited for the store to open. The first 300 people got gift certificates to the store and we were determined to get one! It was freezing, but fun. After we froze and got our gift certificate, we went back to Ryan and LaRen's place and we made a ton of food for breakfast, and us being the little piggies that we are... ate all of it, it was fun though.

So remember how I competed in Skills U.S.A. last year... and took first in Nationals? Of course you remember! Well I had the pleasure to be a judge for State this year! It was so much fun being on the other side, remembering how much fun I had competing and succedding, moving on to each new lever. I was talking to Brynn.. who won in Esthetics last year who judged with me, and it was so nice to be at skills and not have all the stress and anxiety. We were both asked to come back next year and judge, and I happily accepted.

For April Fools Day, Jerled and Cassie played the meanest cruelest joke ever! They had us going for 3 days that they were pregnant! Oh, I was so upset.... I could not even believe it, it was so mean!! He had me, Joey, Miah, and Belinda going... and Joey even called RJ!
So much has happened the past month, thinking back now I realize how much has actually happened. We dont have the internet at our apartment so my blogs will probably be further apart but with so much more in each one! I dont have many pictures this time, but next time I will have lots!


The Johnson's said...

I love reading your blog even though I'm know most of what is going on. I'm glad the salon is doing well, I need to get out there and be a supportive wedge sister. Love you guys, we're excited for THE wedding!

randi and joey said...

I love reading yours too! It took me so long to catch up on yours... you little blogger you. I miss chatting with you on facebook... we dont get that much wedge sister talk anymore. but... what are your plans for saturday night??? Anything going on? Do you want something going on? Becuase we will come bugg you :-)

Jennilyn and CJ Proulx said...

Congrats on the apartment! Pre-Married life is so exciting! Don't get me wrong married life is good too! ;)

Brooke said...

i miss you!

Annie said...

i thought you had fallen off the face of the earth! thank goodness that isn' the case! i understand the not having internet at your house. we just got it! i hope all is going well!