Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter With the Kids

Last night Joey and I had Belinda and the cute kids come over to die easter eggs... and what a time that was! Our apartment is on the bottom level, and you can jump out of our "pattio" area into the parking lot. When I got home the kids were so ecstatic they jumped outside from the back door and ran to my car. They were so cute, they reminded me of little puppies, how excited they always are when you get home, I love those kids.

Even though Joey and I dont have kids, he proved last night that. He was worried about the kids spilling and making a mess.... they are not 5 anymore joey... and he was so funny with his "dad voice". It was pretty funny, and he was hurrying up everything, putting eggs in all the different colors. It was still fun, even though we had 2 dad's last night :-) We love our Joey though, and we cant wait for the kids to come over again!

Speaking of the kids, we were looking at old pictures of when they were little and so adorable! When Joey and I met Sam was 6 and liz was 5. You don't realize how fast they really grow up. They dont seem to me like they have gotten older, but looking back at those pictures really makes you go woah, time has really flown. But no matter how old they get, they will still be our little buddies. We love them so much!


Johnny and Bethanie said...

awww so cute! I love dying easter eggs :)