Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Eve is over, and I have to say it was a good one. I had to work at the salon today, which I was not too fond of the idea, but i got through it.

I got off work at about 4 and I went to my mom's after, she had made Brit and I yummy Christmas cupcakes. I went to Joe's after and I had dinner with Joey and his family. It hit the spot. Bonnie got all this sandwich stuff and we made huge sandwiches. Then, we all opened up our Christmas jammies.

When we were finished with the jammies Joey and I went to my dad's house. He just got a Wii so Joey brought over all his games and extra conrollers. It was fun, we ate pizza and played the Wii all night long. Joey let me open up my gifts early since we wont be seeing each other until late Christmas night. He got my Wii Fit! So after playing Mario Kart and Super Mario we decided to pull out the Wii Fit. It was so much fun, Brit and I were laughing at him. His Wii Fit age is 43........

Then sadly, Joey had to leave. Him and his parents, his brother and sister with her family all go to breakfast in the morning before they open their gifts. But the night was great, and I had so much fun with Joey and my family. I can't wait to see him tomorrow ;-)


Jennifer Nicole said...

You guys are so great together. I'm so glad you found him, and he found you. The best is yet to come!

Jennilyn and CJ Proulx said...

Merry Christmas!!