Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let Me Tell You A Story...

So I was working at Joe Morley's on Thursday, like usual, and it just so happened to be a big night! It really was a series of unfortunate events. Annie came in with her husband, which is always a treat! Love you Annie :-) Anyway, this family came in for their son's big 21st birthday! They brought back this big cake and made me put 21 candles on it and take it out to their table, which I did chancing singeing off my face hairs. They were really nice people..... they had their cake and then left.
About 20 minutes later the mom from that birthday table calls and says, "Hi, we were just in there. We had a birthday party for my son and he left his birthday card on the table." So I replied, "Oh, well let me go look for it, I was your server. "Now, while I was looking, I remembered the son getting a birthday card, but when they left I didnt remember seeing it after the table had been bussed. Hence it was pretty busy so I didn't pay much attention. So I go back to the phone and tell her, "I didn't see the card on the table, I'm sorry." She says, "Well it better be there, there was $100 in it!" So I went back to the bussers and had to get Jake T. to help me becuase I dont speak Spanish. It was a hassle. So we start digging in the garbage........ disgusting. And we find the card envelope and the card..... but no money. During the whole process of digging one of the bussers sliced his finger open on a broken plate and had to get stitches. So I go back to the phone and tell the lady, "We have found the card but there was no money in it." She freaks and starts accusing all of us of being theifs. She says, "My son has Epilepsy and this is the first time he has been out for months becuase he sleeps all the time. And I was not watching what he was doing becuase I was worried about getting the cake home. I then told her that we had been digging through the garbage for her and she didn't even care!
By that time, I had talked to Joe Morley and asked him to deal with the whole situation becuase I was not dealing with her anymore. So Joe goes and talks to her and he comes out and says, "They are coming and they are bringing the cops." DRAMA!!!
So the Dad and one of the sons come, while the Mom is inside the car, and there is this whole ordeal where they were all yelling at each other and we are all just sitting there watching all the commotion. The Dad is accusing everyone of stealing his money and it was just a mess. Finally after a half hour of nothing, Joe Morley pulls out a $100 bill out of his wallet and just GIVES it to the guy! They go outside and after getting his money the man is STILL having a fit.
Finally they get in their car, but they just sit there. And about 5 minutes later the cop comes. Great.
So Joe, Bob, the man and his son are all talking to the cop. They each tell him their side of the story. The cop says to the man, "Let me get this straight. You left your money, which is your responsibility, here in Joe's resteraunt, and he GAVE you $100, and your still here causing porbloms? He didn't have to give you the money and your wasting everyone's time. I would get out of here if I were you." So the guy left, and Joe was out $100 dollars.
I can't believe some poeple! And I bet you that his son had just put the money somewhere is his "Elileptic state" and forgot where he put it. They are going to find the money and they are the kind of people that will not bring back the money that Joe Morley gave them. Its just ridiculous! Ugh, we were all so mad that night..... Really some people are RETARDED!


Annie said...

ok randi...i never got the end of the story! i guess it was worth it to joe to get them out of his restaurant! some people. did they even check their sons wallet? seriously. some people. see why i quit serving long ago!!!

randi and joey said...

Ugh seriously! It turned out to be an annoying night! And I bet you that the money was in a wallet or a pocket.