Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wedding Update

When Joey first asked me to marry him 5 months ago we thought..... ugh that is SO far away! Everyone kept telling us, "Don't you worry the time will fly you just wait and see." We didn't even believe anyone. But seriously people..... they were right! All of a sudden its only 5 months away! Gosh, Christmas came and past us like a flash and its almost the new year. Now Joey and I have got to start seriously thinking what we want our wedding to be. We have the place picked out and our date (June 16..... you better remember it!) and that's pretty much it!
After the new year, that is when everyone starts having bridal shows. I have 4 picked out so far right now, and I have little buddies for everyone to come with.... I know I'm getting way too into this..... really people its my wedding do you blame me??
But I'm getting so excited, Joey and I are starting to look for a place to live now. We want to be all settled in by the time we get married. That will be one less thing to worry about. I know its going to sneak up on me so fast, but let it because I'm ready to be a Johnson!
Don't worry.... I will keep you updated on everything! If you have any suggestions about anything please let me know, I'm open!


Jennilyn and CJ Proulx said...

If you need any help you just give me a holler! I'm pretty good at quick weddings! ;)

The Johnson's said...

Girl I'm ready, lets get planning! I am so excited to help you!

annie said...

Geese! Ive watched theese kids grow up in the 5 years they have been together! so cute! so cute! Wishing Randi and Joey the time of their lives! :)

Annie said...

next thing you know you'll be married 5 years!!! then 10 and 20! enjoy it.

did you manage to finish out your 2 weeks? i can't believe you won't be there next time i go in...speaking of, chopped beef sounds good right now!