Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting The Word Out

In our journey in life, we meet people that touch our lives in ways we will never forget. In my time at Joe Morley's I met a lady named Annie, and she is great person! I loved working with her, and when she left I, along with everyone else working there, were so sad to say goodbye to her. When I first met her she was dating a wonderful guy named Dan. They got married in June of 2005, and they could not be happier! They are the most perfect couple, and I don't think either of them could be any nicer.

Dan and Annie love the outdoors, and they love to travel. They both served missions in Italy, only 5 years apart! They love to do projects around their house and they love to be with their friends and family.

I got a letter in the mail earlier this week from Annie that deeply touched my heart. Annie and Dan have decided to adopt a child. With my experience with adoption with my sister Britney and Hayden, I want nothing more for Dan and Annie to experience parenthood and I want everyone to know about how great of people Annie and Dan are and how much they really deserve this. Their adoption agent told them to tell everyone they know that they are adopting, and so I'm relaying the message. They have made a website so that whoever is interested in giving up a child for adoption can get to know them better, its I will put up a link for easy access on my wall also.

If you know anybody who is giving up a child for adoption, please PLEASE tell them about my friends Dan and Annie Palmer, they will make wonderful parents and will provide only the best for their child.