Monday, October 18, 2010

Starting Small...

Its weird growing up.
It is really a great experience and I feel like I love life more being older, but its always strange seeing all my friends get married and start families of their own... even though I'm doing the exact same thing. When you first graduate high school and you start seeing your friends get married that is such a surreal experience, but evetually you get married yourself and its suddenly old news.
Then you start hearing the news of everyone starting to have babies.. that is what really makes me stop and think.. I'm not a kid anymore. We have some friends who are starting a family this year and I am SO excited for them. This is going to be quite a busy year with baby showers.. pretty much one every month for the next 6 months! But when I stop and think 'Am I ready to be a mom?' I just can't see myself there yet, I can't see either Joey or I being parents yet.
I want to be secure with our jobs, which we are for the most part, and I want a good good stable envirnment for our baby. I want a home that our child can grow up in and love. Joey and I have not been married very long at all and I just dont think I am ready to share him yet either. (as selfish as that sounds..)
We have a joke in our family that ourkids are going to be 4-legged furry babies (dogs) and joey is going to be a stay at home dad..
I think later in life when we do decide to start a family of our own Joey is going to be the greatest dad to our kids. But I know that time is far away. We just arent ready yet. I'm not ready to fully grow up yet, I want to see the world and take random trips with our friends and just live our young lives to the fullest. There will be plenty of time for kids in the future.
So this brings me to the conclusion of our furry legged children... were going to see if our apartment will let us get a dog. Both Joey and I grew up with dogs in the house, and that is something we have missed since we have been married. My mom offered to give us Fonzi.. the cutest little Mini Pinscher EVER, but Joey said NO WAY. He is just a cute old dog, but stuck in his ways and he would be better staying with my mom.
We were at Harmons the other day and they had the Human Society there with a few dogs. Joey saw one and he fell in love with him right away. He was just a furry little mutt and my heart melted seeing Joey play with the little dog. And I can't get my mind off of having a dog of our own since. So after begging and begging for about a solid month, Joey FINALLY said okay, along with the parent talk of When it pees on the carpet your cleaning it up, When it has to go out to pee at 3 in the morning your taking it, when it needs to be fed your feeding it. (I felt like I was 12 again talking to my mother after asking for a new pet)
So hopefully soon we will have a little baby puppy of our own! I guess we will just have to see how it goes....


LaRen said...

awe, perfect! so now we can walk the dog and the baby together! sooo cute! haha

Bethanie said...

I know what ya mean! I want a couple more years of johnny to myself before i share him :) And plus there are still things that i want to do in life before i have lil ones runnin around! Its kinda wierd to me too, to see my friends having kids..