Monday, September 29, 2008

My Little Sister :-)

My sister Britney is the best sister ever! She is such a weirdo but if you know her then you know its totally her! So.... lets get to know her!
She is almost 17 and she is a Junior at Copper Hills High School. Its her first year at Copper Hills, she went to Alta High (Go Hawks!) last year, but then we moved all the way out west right next door to Copper Hills so now of course thats why she goes there.
She tried out for Varsity Cheer and she made it! Here is her team.... she is the farthest on the right........ She has loved being a cheerleader, although it was a sudden thing she did, we were all supprised when she came home one day and said, "I made Varsity Cheer at Copper Hills!"
I love spending time with her, we dont get much time together but we make the most of what we get. We are both very busy girls, I have 2 jobs she has dance and cheer, but we will have a great time together! We are all very proud of her and hope the best for her. She is weird little girl, but that is what makes her Britney, WE LOVE YOU BITTY BOO :-)


Annie said...

randi...fantastic! you too have a blog. sorry, i'm going to keep my current stress free occupation! however, a chopped beef sounds great right now! i am so happy you have a date. you both look so happy! i look forward to reading more! love ya!