Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Octoberfest 2008

Its already October, I can't even believe it! Joe has been talking about going to Octoberfest at Snowbird since he heard about it in like June! So we finally went. I was fun, Joe got some beer, it was actually really good. He got a little cheesy mug that says Octoberfest 2008 on it, its cute.

We saw the Winsenreids, I haven't seen them for so long and Joe has never met them before so we chatted with them for a while. We walked around and ate some german food, it was actually really good. i got some chicken that was like an ENTIRE chicken with this cheese sauce on it. I'm not really sure what Joe got, but it was really good anyway!

There were all these little vendors there. There was this certain one that stood out. All the stuff these people were selling were straight from Germany.As we were looking we had this little old lady come up to us and start telling us how the Germans take a shot of whiskey and then chug their beer out of their mugs. Joes parents both were stationed in Germany so he knows all about suff like that so him and the little old lady sat and talked for like 10 minutes about drinking. It was entertaining.

After we got done exploring Octoberfest we went for a walk in the little forrest. We had getton some yummy popcorn, it was my popcorn baby.
We came to this little river and Joe decided to show off and cross it on a little tree that had fallen. He did pretty good going across but coming back he didn't do so well.
In the end it was a great day, we had so much fun together. It had been a long time since we had gone out and done something together just the two of us.


The Johnson's said...

Love the pictures,
Love the video,
Love the new background,
Love you guys!