Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finally 21 And Loving It!!

On October 16, I turned 21! It was great, I had such an awesome day! I spent the whole day with my dad, and we had a blast! Pretty much the best and most expensive birthday ever, but it was so cool.
My dad and I went to Miller Motor Speedway and we did the Mustang Experience, and all I have to say about it is SWEET.

We started off taking this class about how to drive on the track, the speeds and how to take corners and stuff, not too complicated. So then we head onto the track, and there were all the cars lined up waiting for us.
It was so cool. The only thing I was not a fan of was that we had to wear this ugly helmut the whole time.
We were strapped in the car the whole time with the racing seatbelts that trapped you in the seat and you could not go anywhere! But I didn't really mind that.
It was so weird....
it was like I was sitting in my car, but a more powerful faster cooler car! We started off driving 10 laps around the track ourselves, we got to go whatever speed we were comfortable with and it rocked. It was so much fun.
When we finished driving around the track we jumped in the passenger seat with an instructore and they took you around the track twice the way they drive and OH MY GOSH..... it was so cool! I thought I was driving fast, oh no, they would just skid around corners and we were all over the track, it was so cool! And the guy was so comfortable, as he was flying around the track he was asking me all these questions like what I did for a living and how he has been racing since he was like 9 years old, he was really cool. He was British and so funny.
It was such a great time, were totally doing it again next year!
And it doesn't end there! After we took our driving lesson we got back in MY car, which does not seem near as cool as it used to be after driving those sweet suped up ones! Well we got in the car and we drove to Wendover! Ha ha
When we got there we gambled away lots of money, we played the slots and Blackjack. My first game I played I got Blackjack! Ya, and that was the only beginners luck I had. After we gambled for a couple hours we got some lunch and headed home, it was a long day but a great one! One that I will never forget :-)


Jennilyn and CJ Proulx said...

Lucky! I'm glad you had a great birthday you spoiled bum! Congrats in Wendover as well! ;)

Brooke said...

oh randi. i added you to my blog list, i would expect that you would return the favor. hehe

Annie said...

happy belated birthday!!! that really looks fun. i went to the track a few months ago, but only to watch. i'll have to try it your way!!!