Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Friends, Fights And Lots Of Sun!

Holy cow! This weekend was a great one, and Joey and I packed as much as we could into it. It all started Friday night at Anderson Cove at Pineview. Its one of my favorite places, its a great lake with lots of beachy sand
(except this year, the water was so high!)
We had a nice fire that night, but we all turned in a little early so we could play all day Saturday.
When we got the boat out Saturday morning, we were puting around when Dad and Joey looked under the hood and saw that we had a leak. Dad being Dad, he found some random things at the little store and the campground and luckily was able to fix the boat.
He took all of our friends out while Joey and I relaxed with everyone else on the beach. It was nice and relaxing to just sit and do nothing!

Saturday night, Joey and I went back to town to our friends, Ryan and LaRen's house for the big PPV UFC fight, Brock Lesner vs Shane Carwin. It was a great fight, there were lots of little fights before, so while we watched we had lots of yummy treats. Joey and Ryan had a bet on who would win. Everyone at the party wanted Carwin to win,
everyone except Joey that is.....
So it was very intense when the fight started. It went into the second round, at first we all though Lesner was going to lose because Carwin beat the crap out of him in the first round. Well..... Lesner came back in the second round and won with a tap out from Carwin. We met some really fun people at the party, it was a great time!

Sunday morning, Joey and I got up super early and headed back up to Pineview. We were out on the lake all day long. While Dad visited with the friends, us kids
(not really kids anymore)
layed out on Doug's giant tube.
We had water fights with the younger ones, and later had some big wrestling matches on who would be thrown into the water first. And of course... Doug documented all of it,
thanks Doug!
We got on the boat later in the afternoon, I love doing a few laps around the lake, finding a good spot to sit and swim and have some lunch. I love swimming and being in the water,
Joey not so much. ;-)
After a few hours we decided to dock the boat and relax a little longer on the beach before it was time for dinner. I love watching the kids play in the water, its really true when people say that they grow up so fast. I remember when everyone of those cute kids were born. Makes me feel old :-(
For dinner we had some yummy grilled chicken, and sat by the fire for a while before Joey and I headed home. Sadly, I had to work Monday morning.

I am very thankful for Joey, everyone kept telling me how much they just loved him. And I want everyone to know that he loves them just as much! He fits in with my family so well, I was so happy every time someone told me that they liked them or how sweet he was. Even Paula Bond asked me how I found someone who could fit in so well, "He is just like your dad" she said. And I love everyone for it :-)

This past weekend was one of the best I have had for a very long time. Everyone we were with this weekend are not only my friends, they are my family and I love every moment I get to spend with them. Can't wait for the next trip!