Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great Start To A New Year!

Last Friday night we had the kids, Sam and Elizabeth sleep over. It was fun, like usual, and it always give Miah and Belinda a night free. We started out with some delicious pizza and went right to the couch afterwards to play Super Mario Brothers for the Wii... which might I add.. it difficult to start with, but with the little rugrats playing running around everywhere, man its anxiety city! But... still fun to see them having such a great time.

When it came to be bedtime, kids being kids, wanted to play with Joey and put on their cute little Ute hats. They both had to get pictures with Uncle Joey.. I personally think it was something to milk the clock to go to bed, but who cares were the cool aunt and uncle right??

Saturday morning, Joey and Sam woke up early and took off to Strawberry with Jereld and Terry, their dad. They went ice fishing... something I dont fancy myself.. I like to be warm =0) They had a great time, not too much action with the fish, Terry caught 2 which was pretty good I guess. They were out there for a while, just being boys, having a great time. Joey loved watching Sam have a great time, he loves that kid!

I'm excited to have memories of our own with our own kids, like we have had with Sam and Liz... that is when we actually decide to grow up...

We're looking forward to lots more sleepovers this year!!