Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last One Ever!!

So this week Joey and I started our last semester of college!! Yes! I feel like I can breath a little... We have each had a long journey through school. We are both pretty lucky that school is not a total challenge for us... I mean, what do you need to know for plumbing? 3 basic rules: poop runs downhill, dont chew on your finger nails, and payday is on friday :-) Just kidding, plumbing is actually a very challenging trade. I'm so happy for Joey that he will finally be a Journeyman this year, he has worked so hard and I am very lucky to share his whole journey with him!!
I, myself have had a pretty easy time getting through school, even though I knew Cosmetology/ Esthetics was my calling in life, I was pretty excited to go into an easy profession..... NOT! Oh my gosh, sitting in class the first day I remember thinking... What have I gotten myself into?!?! It was a challenge to learn everything. Next time you think hairdressors are dumb.... think again! Its so fun, but there is a LOT that goes into everything. But never-the-less I'm still obsessed with it and I dont think I work a day now. :-) I'm also very excited to get my Master Esthetics license. I think it will be amazing working for a doctor, I just love it and I am so excited!

Our next step.... Get a house! Cross your fingers and hope for the best :0)


Bethanie said...

Durn Straight we aint dumb!! haha just like to get high every once in a while haha. that so cool u are almost done with esthetics! Sometimes i kinda wish i stayed and did it!