Thursday, November 4, 2010

After 4 Long Years...

I am PLEASED to announce.... Joey passed his written part of his Journeyman Plumber's test!! I am SO SO SO proud of my husband! I can't believe how close he is to getting his Journeyman's license. The test was SO hard! Luckily we had studied for almost 2 solid weeks, at least 1 hour every night. It was 130 questions, and they had 4 hours to complete the test... that tells you how challenging it was.
Before he took the test as he was walking out the door I had a "motherly" moment and had to say the 'Take your time, don't second guess yourself, you will do great!' And I told him to call me AS SOON AS HE FOUND OUT.... I was so anxious all day, I kept telling all my clients about it, I just couldn't stop talking about it!
I was so relieved when he called, I did a happy dance and almost started crying when he told me he had passed. We definitely had to go celebrate! So I got him a new video game on the way home and took him to dinner that night, he loves getting spoiled!
I can't say enough how proud of Joey I am. Plumbing doesn't seem very hard, but it is!! Four years of school is ridiculous but they need every second!
Now we need to focus on getting him through the second part of his test. He has a practical test where they give them blue prints and they have to build it. The lame part about that is they only offer the practical test every other month so he has to wait until December! He was mostly worried about his written, he is totally confident in himself with his practical and I know he will do great in that too!!
Hopefully December comes quick!


Annie said...

congrats! that is fantastic. and december will be here before you know it!