Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

Is it just me or does time fly by faster and faster each year?? Geez.... I can't believe Halloween is OVER and were now facing Thanksgiving. Halloween snuck up on us this year it seems, actually this whole month of October snuck up and flew by us. I LOVE October. Not only because its my BIRTHDAY month, but its Halloween. Its my favrite holiday. Although this year we were losers and didnt really decorate or do much partying either.

My birthday celebration was one I will NEVER forget this year! We went to Wendover with all our friends, the day before my birthday, the 15th, is our friends Brennon and Brindy's anniversary. So it was the 'Birthaversary' weekend.... quite a night. Dover is always such a treat, there is always something memoriable that happens. Well, this certain weekend trip to Wendover happened to be Jereld and Nicole's first time, so of course we had to go all out. It's just like animal house when were all together and alcohol is involved lol!
For Halloween, Brindy, brought up the idea of being LFL (Lingerie Football League) players. We even made our own costumes.. it took us 4 hours but we managed!
They turned out so great... but I'm STILL cleaning up glitter! We tried to get Brennon and Joey to be our cheerleaders but they both said absolutly not!! So Joey decided to be our REF and brennon was a randon inmate ha ha. Our friend Nicole had one of her AWESOME Halloween parties! Halloween at Nicoles house never disappoints... we ended up plaing King's Cup... big surprise.. and you can imagine where that lead us. Its such a fun game with our group of friends, since we have known each other for so long its always interesting what "Never have I ever's" and "Rules" we come up with..... poor Brennon :-)

Saturday I had to work and I ended up getting really sick so unfortunately we ended up not going to Sinda and Dave's Halloween party. I love their party. We carve pumpkins, play games, eat lots of yummy food and end up watching a scary moving and not paying attention to it. Its pretty much one of the few times we get to catch up with everyone from high school and chat and just have a great time. I'm sad we missed it but I guess we will just have to make this an excuse to get together sometime soon!

Joey and I are looking forward to the next Holidays coming up, Joey asked me the other day if we could put up our Christmas tree... he is so cute, he gets so excited for Christmas!

Let the chaos begin!!