Friday, November 14, 2008

Wednesdays with Brooke and Randi

Oh good old Joe Morleys........ every day is a new adventure:

Angry, weird customers, beef and a Morley everywhere you look. But good thing I have Wednesdays with Brooke. We have a great time, we do beans together, make fun of customers in the back, argue with Nate, we eat fries and we make fun of Chris. Oh, and sometimes, most of the time Nate makes fun of either Brooke or I. Mostly Brooke, but you never know with good ol' Nate. Just this last Wednesday we had a great one. Brooke told me stories of what happened to her during the week. I told her stories that happened to me. We decided to try a fig and we were going to bring one Friday night, but big suprise we both forgot. We were talking about that book, Tuesdays with Morrie, and we decided that we were going to write books of our own. Wednesdays with Brooke and Randi, we think its going to be great :-) We will put it up on here one of these days.....

I just wanted to share how great Wednesdays are at Joe Morleys. We both need someone to keep us going there....... love ya Brookie :-)
This is Jake, one of the Joe Morley All Stars, doing the Hibby Slippy. Go dance night. :0)


Brooke said...

Randi. I love wednesdays with brooke and randi already, i think it'll be a top seller. which brings me to my next point, food. we should go grab a bite soon!

Brooke said...

the pics weren't there the first time i looked...i love my job!

randi and joey said...

I know! Because when I put the blog up the pictures would not load. But now they are on there!

Annie said...

seriously girl! i needed a god laugh today. thanks! and thank jake for the walk down memory lane!!! i was always dancing in my heart:)