Monday, April 19, 2010

A Great Weekend...

This weekend was sure a great one! It all started Saturday morning at 5:05 a.m. when Joey left with my aunt and uncle, Doug and Sara, for their very first half marathon!! The race started at 7 in the morning, I got there at about 7:30 to get a good spot so I could take lots of pictures (thats why I didn't run, someone had to take pictures ;-p), well the whole world was already there!! The Salt Lake City marathon is one of the biggest races our city has, its such a great thing to see everyone come together.
Joey had told me that he would be done around the 2 hour mark. Since I had been waiting for him for the last 12 hours, I had made friends with the people I was standing by. When I saw Joey's head bobbing up the road I told my new friends he was coming and to start cheering for him. (I took Dad's video camera with me, but he flew by so fast I didn't catch it) He zipped by us and finished in 2 hours 6 minutes! I thanked everyone for their cheering and headed off to find him.
He was so happy when I saw him, he had already wolfed down an apple and a bottle of water. I was so proud that he had done it!

Doug and Sara came shortly after, Doug was so funny, he was so happy he just came right over and hugged us both and starting chatting away. I'm very proud of my uncle and my "aunt". Sara has done wonders for my uncle. We all miss Wendy very very much and she will never be forgotten, but we are very thankful that Doug got the opportunity to meet Sara and bring her into our lives.

After the race, we all went to La Frontera (my favorite) and had a great lunch together!! We were all stuffed by the time we were done. After lunch Sara and I headed off to the salon, I had a few clients and Sara had a massage (Doug was after). It was a great first half of the day!

We have some great friends whom we have not seen in FOREVER!! We finally caught up with them. Ryan and Joe were being sneaky all week and wouldn't tell us what we were doing. It ended up being a great date!!

It started off with a little Costa Vida, and after dinner we went next door the the E Center and saw the Blaze play their second game of the season. We had great seats! We were on the second row about the 40 yard line, we could see the sweat! Poor Ryan wanted a football soo bad and he just couldn't get one, our seats were just too good. He didn't even get a free t shirt that they throw out. But.... the Blaze scored over 50 points so our section got picked for a free Icberg shake so that made him a happy camper.

After the game, Joe and Ryan HAD to get their free shakes, when we were ordering Ryan made sure that the guy knew we had free shake tickets. When we got to the window he kept heckling the employees (through the drive through window) that he was getting free shakes at the Blaze game while they were working on a Saturday night. The night was full of great one liners, and lots of jokes, it was so great seeing them again, and I cant wait until next time!!

To to sum up the weekend, my family went to Applebees for Grandma Pat's birthday dinner. You can always guarentee a great time with the family out to eat, lots of laughs and memories being made. What would we do without great friends and family??


LaRen said...

AWE I AM GLAD YOU POSTED YOUR BLOG SITE ON FB. I forgot what it was! Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s. that was a fun night!!!