Sunday, April 25, 2010

We Should All Have Babies By 2012

As you all know, Joe LOVES sushi, and I am NOT a fan.... well, thanks to our friend, Kevin Khong, we have discovered a place where both of us can eat happy! I get a noodle bowl while Joey gorges himself on sushi. Its called Sappa.... and its DELICIOUS!!
So... since we knew my dad and Tonya liked sushi (more Tonya than Dad), I thought we would take them there and let them try it out. We had such a blast, it was just the four of us. It was great food and great company, but the "real" entertainment was our waiter.... Kerby.
Kerby is an interesting fellow, he likes the male folks (which I'm totally comfortable with) but not so much Joey and Dad.... he was just hilarious. My favorite person there hands down.
We drank some "average street corner beer" according to Kerby, and had us some "Summer of Love" sushi, which Joey and Tonya really liked. Kerby was full of one-liners, and he was quick to come up with a whitty sarcastic answer.... it was funny watching Dad try to talk to him.
Kerby was so funny we just HAD to get a picture with him. And when we asked, he just scooted right into the booth like it happened to him all the time. He got very cuddly with Joey, as you can see Joey is not too cuddly back with him..

The last thing that Kerby said to us was "You know why we should all have babies by 2012 don't you..... (with an extremely creepy look) so we can eat them...."

Even though we were all a little oobed out by what Kerby had said, the night still ended on a positive note, we all had a great time together, I just love my dad, he is so cute. :) He does so much for Joey and I, this was just a little thing we could do for him. Best Dad ever for sure!


Heather said...

what a strange waiter!!
ps - i love your new layout! so cute!!

Jennilyn and CJ Proulx said...

Hahahah! I better get me some babies!! Love your new blog!!