Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 11: A favorite book

I LOVE to read.. there are so many books that I could read 100 times and love just as much as the first time I read it. I'm going to be cheesy and go back to a book I read when I was in Jr. High that I think I really did read about 100 times.
It was by Lurlene McDaniel, called Don't Die My Love.
It was about this young couple in high school, Luke and Julie, who were completely in love with each other, Luke played football and found out he had cancer. It was about his fight against cancer that finally killed him his senior year. I will spare you the cheesy details, but I just LOVE it!
I would always dream about who I would fall in love with when I got older, I had a super crush on Luke, he was the perfect guy. Sadly, I have lost the book in all the moves I have made, maybe its in storage somewhere and someday I'll look for it and read it again and go back to my little 13 year old self and swoon over Luke again. :)
When Joe and I started dating and I found out he liked to read, I showed him the book and he read the back and said it was the stupidest book he has ever picked up... dumb boy, he likes those scary Steven King books.